Microcredit and support for your business

Microlux offers microloans and individualized support for your business start-up or development project.


Microlux organizes regularly  workshops and training sessions on topics related to entrepreneurship: calculating margins, commercial leases, data protection (RGPD), communication on social medias…lots of keys for those who want to get started !

  • Booster la confiance en soi

    Next upcoming date: 20/12/2023
    39, rue Glesener L-1631 Luxembourg
    Plus nous avons confiance en nous et en nos capacités, plus nous avons le sentiment de pouvoir faire face aux challenges sur notre route.
  • Comment créer une entreprise au Luxembourg ?

    Microlux – 39, rue Glesener L-1631 Luxembourg
    Tous les aspects à prendre en compte pour la création d'entreprise au Luxembourg.
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We have supported over 200 companies

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How much can you repay per month? for how long? Feel free to modulate the amount and duration of this tool to calculate your monthly payment and the cost of your microcredit!

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Borrowing money also costs money. Microlux pays particular attention to situations of over-indebtedness, and trains its employees to prevent any risk in this area.

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