Samuel Paulus - Senior Manager

With a Master’s degree in Tourism Management and in Economic Intelligence, Samuel began his professional career with 1,2,3 GO, which later on becomes nyuko. During that time, he has acquired significant experience in supporting innovative business start-up projects and social entrepreneurship projects, and has familiarized himself with an important network of entrepreneurs and coaches.

Samuel has always been attracted by the business creation and has himself taken part in the setting-up of an organic restaurant of which he is a partner. This entrepreneurial experience allows him even more to be able to identify with problematic issues that entrepreneurs face in their business.

By granting microcredits to people who are not eligible for the traditional bank credit, Samuel hopes to be able to contribute to a more equitable distribution of income and wealth and to a more harmonious society.

Jérémy del Rosario - Project Manager

Having acquired a Master’s degree in Microfinance, Jérémy joined Adie, the first Institution of Microcredit in France.

For close to 9 years, he worked tirelessly in the Region of Lorraine, mainly in the Moselle, to promote the services provided by the institution and to deliver microcredits to business starters who do not have any access to the traditional bank credit.

According to him, the microcredit is an indispensable tool. As a matter of fact, granting microcredits means more than fighting against the economic exclusion, it creates a social connection and restores confidence. With strength and conviction, Jérémy wants to introduce and develop this tool into Luxembourg.

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