Hair Salon

Important aspects to take into consideration

Franchise or self-employed worker ?

Opening as a franchise can be beneficial on several aspects: experience of the parent company, marketing strength, renowned brand. On the other hand, your margin will be smaller. An independent hair dresser will be more flexible. However, you will need to make yourself known and work on the marketing aspect of your business. The choice is not always easy !


The location

A hair salon is a convenience store. Therefore, a good location is key point! Establish yourself in a busy and commecial area even if it means higher cost. It is an undeniable strength. If you decide to locate your hair salon in a quieter area, don’t forget to emphasize on marketing and advertising !


Recruting employees

You will eventually have to employ some staff if you want to expand your hair salon. The staff plays a key role in the functioning and reputation of your salon. Make sure to recruit skilled and stable employees. Indeed, you will want to gain customer loyalty.


Let’s start on the right track

Procedures to be aware of

The entrepreneur (or an employee) opening a hair dresser has one main obligation to get the business permeit: holding a master’s qualification. The chamber of craft (Chambre des Métiers) can assist you with getting the business permit.


Initial investment

The initial investment can be impactful. Indeed, a large number of items has to be bought (seats, hair dryers, …).


Ratios and important numbers to keep in mind

Here are some key ratios:

  • 50% to 60% of turnover for personal costs (salaries)
  • 30% for the rent and operating costs (electricity, water...)
  • 5 to 10% for raw material (dyeing products, treatments)


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