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Key points


The location of a bar or restaurant is crucial. The storefront must be visible and catch the eye of passers-by. During market research, it’s essential to check whether there’s enough foot traffic and whether there are other businesses around the restaurant.

The concept

The foodservice sector is highly competitive. So it’s essential to differentiate yourself from the competition by coming up with an original concept. The result is a plan for the restaurant/bar layout (design, vintage, modern, etc.), the food offered (fast food, organic, fair trade, vegetarian, gourmet, exotic, etc.) and the desired ambience (traditional café, atmospheric bar, tea room, etc.).

Food hygiene

Companies producing, processing or distributing foodstuffs must comply with food hygiene rules and obligations. The establishments concerned must make themselves known to the competent authorities and declare their activities. This declaration is made to the Food Safety Division. You can find the form by clicking here.

Staff, working and opening hours, …

Depending on the restaurant’s opening hours (morning and/or evening), we need to be able to measure the impact this will have on the requisitioned staff, and therefore on an increase in payroll costs. While opening in the morning and evening may seem attractive, it also means a double workload for you and your employees.

Administrative formalities

The HO.RE.CA. sector (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés) is a regulated sector. It’s important to be well informed about the various steps to be taken, and the conditions to be met, before taking the plunge.

To trade well

  • Visit for a wealth of information on setting up a bar or restaurant.
  • Find a name that’s original, in keeping with your establishment’s concept, and easy to remember!
  • Be careful to respect certain ratios. Generally speaking, good restaurant management means..:
    • 20% – 30% of sales are spent on raw materials
    • 30% – 40% is devoted to personnel costs.

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