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    “Microlux had confidence in my project! Their explanations of the little details you can forget were a great help to me, and the support of a volunteer means you don’t feel alone or lost! Today, entrepreneurship gives me professional and personal fulfillment and a great deal of freedom to make decisions!”
    Isabel since oct. 2022
    Bitzbel Couture
    “Being entrepreneurs has given us freedom in time management, independence, lots of experiences we wouldn’t have in a normal job and lots of new relationships. And microlux is very responsive, which is great! “
    Félix & Pol since 2018
    “Entrepreneurship has brought us more freedom, more responsibility and more work, but we’re proud to have come this far and we thank microlux whose support has helped us realize our dream. “
    Sarkut & Dhya 2021
    Thank you so much to microlux for the support in helping me with the renovation work and website for my massage studio. The interest-free part of the loan that I don’t have to pay back right away is really nice. This allowed me to reduce my expenses for the first year.
    Mary since 2022
    “Microlux is interested in our business project and understands the reality of life for small entrepreneurs. Thanks to their human approach, the realization of our ideas and the development of our microenterprise is possible.”
    Marcel 2022