Testimony of Télio

Restaurant – Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine

“Entrepreneurship has brought us more freedom, more responsibility and more work, but we’re proud to have come this far and we thank microlux whose support has helped us realize our dream. “
Sarkut & Dhya
Télio 7, Grand-Rue L-1660 Luxembourg 2021

After several years’ experience in the catering sector in Greece, Sarkut, of Iraqi origin, decided to anchor in Luxembourg in 2011. He first worked there for almost 7 years, as a salaried employee in an oriental snack bar in the capital, just enough time to acclimatize and build up savings to realize his dream: to open his own restaurant.

Unemployed at the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, Sarkut seized the opportunity of an office space at the top of the Grand-Rue to take the entrepreneurial plunge. And so Télio was born, with the help of microlux for its rental guarantee, on November1, 2020 at number 7, a stone’s throw from the Grand Ducal Palace.

Keen to bridge the gap in Luxembourg between “cold sandwiches and overpriced restaurants”, Sarkut offers fresh, healthy Greek and Oriental specialties, “just like at home”. From grills and hot dishes to desserts, falafels and vegetarian dishes, everything is concocted in-house. Customers can choose whatever they like, based on the buffet principle, with two formulas: the small box at 8€50 and the large one at 11€.

Aware of the difficulties of the first few months, especially at this time of year, our entrepreneur is nevertheless confident that the good quality of the dishes combined with a good price will enable him to build up a clientele.

Despite the hectic pace of work and fatigue, Sarkut is happy to have created his own business. Even the Covid-19 crisis failed to halt its momentum. It’s like “a hair on the soup”, but that can’t stop “the dream of a lifetime”, Sarkut and his wife, who supports him unconditionally in this adventure, confirm with determination. Benefiting from the Adem exemption for business creators, Sarkut even aims to create jobs for others, especially in a pandemic context where the unemployment rate is likely to rise.

What qualities does he believe an entrepreneur needs? To be serious, hard-working; to know how to manage resources and expenses; to know how to sell. “You have to invest a little in marketing, and the quality of the products will ensure word-of-mouth,” he concludes.

Sarkut is also supported by Touchpoints asbl, which aims to promote the integration of refugees in Luxembourg.

How did microlux support Télio?

  • Financing part of the rental guarantee
  • Start-up cash flow
  • Various promotional actions