Interview with Flavia

Femme souriante

After a long career with the European Investment Bank, Flavia decided to share her experience and know-how with budding entrepreneurs. She has been involved with microlux as a volunteer since the beginning of 2023, supporting around fifteen business projects creators. In this interview, she talks about her motivations, her career path and the advice she offers to the entrepreneurs she supports with empathy and kindness. Read his testimonial, which perfectly reflects microlux’s values of solidarity and commitment.

Hello Flavia,

What motivated you to get involved with microlux?

I had been promising to myself that, when I retired, I would make available the experience gained over the years to anyone who might need it. I was well aware of microlux’ existence since one of its founders, Rémy Jacob, was a colleague and I was convinced right away by its objectives. That is why I offered my services to its team.

What’s your career path?

I am an economist by training, and after a brief stint at the International Monetary Fund, I spent my entire career at the European Investment Bank, where for the last ten years I had been director of financing in emerging countries.

How long have you been a microlux volunteer?

I started at the beginning of 2023, when I retired.

What are your responsibilities at microlux?

Like the other volunteers, I support entrepreneurs who want to develop a project and approach microlux for financing. Like the other volunteers, I support entrepreneurs who want to develop a project and approach microlux for financing. These entrepreneurs have a good grasp of the technical aspects of their business, but they do not always know how to translate their ideas into a concrete investment, which steps to take, how to estimate set-up costs, forecast income and expenditure trends and so on. I help them analyse these elements and put their project into shape.

And, if during this exercise we realize that their initial idea is not financially viable, I examine with them the possible alternatives and try to suggest other avenues to explore.

credit photo : Tania Alamilla

What experiences would you draw from this role?

I admire the courage of these men and women who are determined to improve their condition and decide to embark on the world of entrepreneurship in which they often have little or no experience.

What’s more they do so in a country that, for many of them, is a host country they do do not yet know well, in a language they do not always master. We all need a helping hand one day, and I am happy to be there to give them mine and make a small contribution to the achievement of their project.

If you had to define microlux in one word, what would it be?


What advice would you give to an entrepreneur?

Pursue your dream, but be realistic, start small and do not over-commit financially. Beginnings are difficult in any area, and entrepreneurship is no exception. Starting slowly and cautiously helps minimise losses and – if required – rectify the situation more quickly. And if, in the end, your project progresses faster than expected, that’s wonderful!

Many thanks Flavia!