Microcredit for Entrepreneurs

Looking for a financial solution to set up or develop your business?

You have a renovation project for the kitchen of your restaurant?
You want to finance a rent guarantee for your grocery store?
You plan to buy a second-hand vehicle for your activity?

Microlux provides you with microcredits* up to EUR 25 000 and coaching to support you through the process of setting up and developing your micro-enterprise in Luxembourg. These small credits are available for business creators and active entrepreneurs without access to "traditional" bank credits.

* under the condition of approval by our credit comittee

Loan conditions

COVID19 EXCEPTIONAL CONDITIONS : in order to help entrepreneurs in the context of economic recovery resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, from 15 June 2020 and for a period of one year

  • The annuel interest rate 7%-9% is lowered to 4%.
  • The solidarity fees are set 5% at 3% (with a minumum of 150€ and a maximum of 500€).
  • A deferred payment of up to 3 mois 6 mois.
  • The repayment period for a loan varies between 12 and 48 months.
  • We ask for a third person to be guarantor for 1/3 of the loan amount.
  • Loans can be paid back early without any fees or penalties.

The procedure

Please visit the section "How does it works?"

Exemples of microcredits

Borrowed amountDurationMonthly paymentsAPRTotal amount to be reimbursed
5 000 euros36 months

159.00 euros

147.62 euros



5724 euros

5464.32 euros

Renovation works
15 000 euros42 months

417.67 euros

383.32 euros



17 542.17 euros

16 549.44 euros

Vehicle & Cash flow
25 000 euros48 months

598.66 euros

564.48 euros



28 735.68  euros

27 594.87 euros

What are the main criteria in order to obtain a microcredit?

  1. Your project’s consistency
  2. Your repayment capacity
  3. Your professional and personal path
  4. Your professionalism

Contact us to book an appointment for further information!

Warning : borrowing money also costs money. Microlux pays particular attention to situations of over-indebtedness and trains its employees to prevent any risk in this respect.

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