Get a Microcredit

You have a renovation project for the kitchen of your restaurant?
You want to finance a rent guarantee for your grocery store?
You plan to buy a second-hand vehicle for your activity?

Microlux provides you with microcredits and coaching to support you through the process of setting up and developing your micro or social enterprise in Luxembourg. These small credits are available for startuppers and active entrepreneurs without access to "traditional" bank credit granted by banks.

Microlux provides three products:

  • Microcredits of up to 15.000 euros for microentrepreneurs
  • Credits of up to 20.000 euros, called “micro+”, for microenterprises already in operation
  • Microcredits of up to 25.000 euros for social start-ups

The procedure

In order to obtain a microcredit from microlux, you may consider the following steps:

1. First contact
I get in touch with microlux by mail, phone or via registration form.
2. Loan officer meeting
I meet a loan officer to discuss about my project.
3. Finalization of the application
I finalize my application and I get free and personalized coaching.
4. Credit committee
My loan officer submits my application to the Credit Committee who is going to evaluate my application.
5. Disbursment
Following the positive decision of the Credit Committee, I sign the loan contract and the microcredit is going to be disbursed on my bank account.
6. Repayment
I repay my loan each month and I benefit from an expert’s support.

Loan conditions

  • The repayment period for a loan varies between 12 and 48 months.
  • We ask for a third person to be guarantor for 1/3 of the loan amount.
  • The cost of the credit includes an annuel interest rate standing between 7 and 9% and solidarity fees at 5% of the credit amount.
  • Loans can be paid back early without any fees or penalties.

Why are interest rates higher with microlux than with traditional banks?

Some examples of microcredits

AmountDurationMonthly installmentTAEGTotal cost of the credit
Stock5000€36 months159,00€13,25%973,96€
Renovation15000€42 months417,67€12,73%3292,02€
Vehicle and Cash flow25000€48 months598,66€8,91€4485,45€

Which are the main criteria in order to obtain a microcredit?

  1. Your project’s consistency
  2. Your repayment capacity
  3. Your professional and personal path
  4. Your professionalism

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