Microcredit for Employment

Looking for a loan to help you keep or find a job?

Microlux provides you with microcredits* up to EUR 10 000 for financial needs related to professional mobility and budget management support to people who do not have access to "traditionnal" bank loans.
For instance, we can finance

  • A driving license or a vehicle which allows you to get to work
  • Training to evolve in your current position or for a new professional opportunity
  • A job-related move

*under the condition of approval by our credit comittee

The procedure

Please visit the section "How does it works?"

Loan conditions

  • The annuel interest rate is 6,25%.
  • The solidarity fees are set at 3% (with a minumum of 150€ and a maximum of 500€).
  • The repayment period for a loan is set to up 36 months.
  • We ask for a third person to be guarantor for 1/3 of the loan amount.
  • Loans can be paid back early without any fees or penalties.

Contact us for further information!


Exemples of microcredits

Borrowed amountDurationMonthly paymentsAPRTotal amount to be reimbursed
Driving license
3000 euros24 months133.30€9.64%3349.20€
6000 euros36 months183.21€8.31%6775.63€

Warning : borrowing money also costs money. Microlux pays particular attention to situations of over-indebtedness and trains its employees to prevent any risk in this respect.




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