Honorary Loan


Microlux launches, from January 2022, the Honorary Loan in order to reinforce business creators'equity at the start of a economic activity. This type of loan addresses to companies created since less then 12 months and will be granted as a complement to a usual microloan

  • The annual interest rate is 0%
  • The solidarity fees are set at 3% (with a minimum of 150€ and a maximum of 500€).
  • No guarantee is required
  • A deferred repayment of up to 24 months
  • The repayment period (deferment included) for a loan varies is up to 60 months.
  • Loans can be paid back early without any fees or penalties.

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Exemples of a honorary loan in addition to a microloan


Borrowed amountDurationdeferment includedAPRMonthly payments
Microloan20 600 euros60 months

3 months


397.42 euros

Honorary loan5 200 euros60 months

24 months


144.56 euros

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Warning : borrowing money also costs money. Microlux pays particular attention to situations of over-indebtedness and trains its employees to prevent any risk in this respect.


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