Monday 15 January 2018

Eryca and Gertrudes, african shop

Eryca Mendes and her partner Gertrudes Frederico opened their shop of African products and hair salon “Diamant Africain” in 2017. They tell us about their adventure as entrepreneurs.

Having studied in Esch-Sur-Alzette, it seemed obvious to Eryca that she would open her own shop in Esch in order to be completely independent. It is through the partnership with Gertrudes that “Diamant Africain” opened its doors. Indeed, their formation and past being very complementary, it allowed them to link their skills and experiences together to bring to a successful conclusion their exciting project. With more than 30 years of hairdresser experience, Gertrudes works on the hair salon side of the shop while Eryca Mendes deals with managing and selling the products.

Working in a partnership derived from a long-time friendship between the two associates dating back to their parents. Both of them wanted to become independent. It is with the help of microlux that they were able to finance “Diamant Africain”. “Microlux gave us the boost to start our business” says Eryca. With a credit of 5 000€, they were able to finance their stock.

Motivated, experienced and hardworking, their shop is a success as they have been able to make it known in Esch/Alzette. Becoming independent brought some privileges like organizing their schedule as they wish, as well as difficulties. The major one is of course making yourself known during the first year.

Today, they are happy they got through the first steps of entrepreneurship and advise us: do a lot of researches before opening your business. We need to know your market and clients to fill their needs. This is the only way your shop will work!

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