Friday 20 April 2018

Laurent, senegalese restaurant

Since the opening of his restaurant “Saveurs du Sénégal”, Laurent Tall is an ambitious and passionate entrepreneur. He tells us his story.

Having lived in Luxembourg for 15 years now, he has worked as employee for a long time. First waiter than head waiter in Luxembourgish hotels, the field of restauration has always been familiar to him. It is in a Cape Verdean restaurant that he begins his path in the cooking industry by proposing new ideas for the menu: adding Senegalese dishes. In Luxembourg, no other restaurant served a similar menu. The idea is brand new and the restaurant does the bet of exoticism. In 2015, Laurent goes to the Chamber of Commerce, obtains the commercial and horeca authorization and discovers the existence of microlux. This institution offers for him new possibilities and a way to concretize his dream. It is the “click”, Laurent opens the doors of “Saveurs du Sénégal” in May 2018. Despite its youth, the restaurant works very well and attracts many customers. The family business in which his wife cooks and he manages the restaurant will soon expand. Laurent wishes to employ a third person for the kitchen and the service.

Laurent is delighted to have chosen the path of entrepreneurship which opens new doors. “Who tries nothing gets nothing, says Laurent, you need to take risks to go forward. When you have a passionate project, go for it.” If becoming independent brings heavy responsibilities, it also brings you to “make your dreams come true”. It is on this optimistic note that Laurent concludes his testimonial.

A little advice from our entrepreneur: If you want to open a restaurant, don’t hesitate! If you have a realistic, strong and passionate project as well as a small business plan, go for it. “Believing in yourself, having courage and visiting microlux is enough!”.

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