Friday 23 March 2018

Dorothy, wellness massages

Originally from Canada, Dorothy Germaine leaves her country for Europe and Luxembourg for professional reasons. Providing massage and wellness services to hotels which don’t offer these services, living in Europe is very convenient for her. Indeed, hotels are closer from one another and the distances are more feasible than in Canada. She worked for a long time in a mobile company. It means that she visits daily her clients in their homes. If some of them enjoyed being able to stay at home, others were critical and preferred the idea of having a break while benefiting from a wellness care: Escaping from stressful daily lives. It is from this realization that Dorothy considers more and more the idea of opening her own spa and massage institute. She jumps into the action and opens her “Spa Escape” in Belair, Luxembourg City. She courageously starts a new step in her professional life. Dorothy flourishes in the calm, peaceful and oriental environment offered by her institute. Opening her own company has allowed her to gain more independence and freedom. The managing of Spa Escape has brought a new side to her job, an exciting career path for Dorothy. With two massage rooms, Dorothy has now employed Sandrine, a passionate esthetician. Like Dorothy, she shares the same vision of the services she provides and “loves her job”. Passion is ultimately the key aspect in that sector. “You need to communicate peace and appeasement to the clients to free them from a stressful life”.

Of course, opening a company is never an easy route. Having faced difficulties when renovating her office, Dorothy “looks forward” and does not regret for a bit her decision.

If you want to learn more about Spa Escape, check her website and try out the massage with an oriental touch. Dorothy Germaine is also interested in partnering up with performers, tea salons, in locations of her space or privatization for special events. Don’t hesitate to contact her for more information.

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