Volunteer Testimonial – Josépha

Josépha’s commitment to community and social work goes back a long way. Already a volunteer with Amnesty International in Australia, the United States and then Luxembourg, she has always been interested in development aid work, which also complements her professional career.

Specialized in business law, and previously in charge of legal issues for a venture capital company, Josépha is often in contact with entrepreneurs. It’s only natural, then, that she should be attracted to microlux’s support activities, where she finds the relationship aspect with business creators while at the same time participating in the local economy.

For the past 2 years, Josépha has been providing regular support to a number of project leaders who have knocked on microlux’s door. In the pre-creation phase, she helps them in their thinking process by channeling ideas and boosting their self-confidence. In the post-credit phase, she provides general support, particularly for administrative matters such as the payment of social security contributions. And when needed, she also provides legal advice to entrepreneurs.

For Josépha, the “benefits” of her role as companion are above all human. Seeing projects grow and come to fruition, restoring confidence to people struggling to get out of often complicated situations – these are the motivations that drive her to continue her commitment to microlux – a “relay where there’s no one”.

His advice for entrepreneurs? “Build your project well, think carefully before taking the plunge, don’t hesitate, because entrepreneurship is above all a great adventure.”