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  • Booster la confiance en soi

    Next upcoming date: 20/12/2023
    39, rue Glesener L-1631 Luxembourg
    Plus nous avons confiance en nous et en nos capacités, plus nous avons le sentiment de pouvoir faire face aux challenges sur notre route.
  • Comment créer une entreprise au Luxembourg ?

    Microlux – 39, rue Glesener L-1631 Luxembourg
    Tous les aspects à prendre en compte pour la création d'entreprise au Luxembourg.
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  • Workshop – How to build successfully a business ?

    You have a business start-up project but don't know where to begin? This worhsop is for you.
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  • Workshop – How to calculate your sales margins ?

    Know the different types of margins to define your sales strategy.
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  • Workshop – What's to know about commercial lease ?

    What you need to know about commercial lease law in Luxembourg for small business owners
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  • Workshop – How to make low cost professional videos?

    This workshop gives you the practical tools you need to make professional videos that attract customers to your business.
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Exemple d'une formation organisée par microlux avec de nombreux participants

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