Great success for the 1st edition of the Local Entrepreneurs’ Market

Last Saturday, the Centre Culturel Schéiss in Val Sainte-Croix hosted the very first edition of the “Marché des Entrepreneurs Locaux” in a festive and convivial atmosphere. The organizers Co-Créateurs, microlux, nyuko and Touchpoints honored micro-entrepreneurs who had taken part in their respective support programs. More than 40 entrepreneurs presented their products and services to hundreds of visitors, who took part in the day’s many events.

In a context of crisis and uncertainty, micro-entrepreneurship as developed by our project leaders, is a fabulous job creator and a means of becoming independent thanks to one’s passion,” explains Fabienne Colling, co-organizer of the event for Touchpoints . “The entrepreneurs here today have been through one or more of the support programs we offer, and some have benefited from a microcredit to launch their business,” adds Quyen Ngo-Li, co-organizer for microlux.

Indeed, with its singular focus on new technologies, space and finance, the Grand Duchy is not necessarily perceived as an environment conducive to traditional, “neighborhood” entrepreneurship. The organizers are therefore calling for greater recognition of micro-entrepreneurship, and for administrative simplification at all levels. “We’re also raising awareness among entrepreneurs of the importance of structuring their ideas upstream. This is essential for creating sustainable businesses that contribute to the country’s economic growth,” says Delphine Anzevui, co-organizer for nyuko .

The official part of the market was presented by the Aldermen of the City of Luxembourg, Mr. Maurice Bauer and Mr. Patrick Goldschmidt , who made the trip for the occasion and offered the vin d’honneur to the sound of world music. The entrepreneurs also enjoyed a surprise visit from the Minister for Family and Integration, Mrs. Corinne Cahen , who took the time to meet the exhibitors.

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